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"I will find a way or I will make one" Hannibal ca 218bc

camper van disabled uk, camper vans disabled, disabled leisure vehicle uk, disabled leisure vehicles
For many disabled wheelchair users, life is already extremely challenging and difficult without factoring in transport requirements. The opportunity to visit remote and inaccessible places, in safety and comfort, would be considered by many in that situation, to be unavailable to them. However, the Nirvana 'Freedom', disabled leisure vehicle, achieves exactly that. It has been uniquely designed to provide a means of safe and comfortable transport for wheelchair users, their family or carers, as well as providing cooking, heating, lighting, sleeping, washing and toileting facilities. In short, it provides wheelchair users with the 'Freedom of the Road'. In 2003, Nirvana was asked to source a camper van in the UK for a disabled customer confined to using a wheelchair. A prolonged search proved fruitless and after beginning to understand the customer needs and more importantly why such a disabled leisure vehicle would make such an impact and uniquely provide the only practical solution to enable that person to go "where they want, when they want". This is something that us able-bodied often take for granted – Freedom.

The option to take a standard model camper van and convert it was researched and considered. This proved both expensive and not without compromises.

Nirvana therefore decided to take a fresh 'blank sheet' approach and attempt to design and have factory build a specific 'disabled leisure vehicle model'.

Many hundreds of motorway miles, flights and factory meetings with UK and European manufacturers proved unsuccessful. Finally, in 2004 a joint design project was secured with S.E.A. Group Italy utilising their Elnagh brand factory in Milan which resulted in the S.E.A. CPT (Camper Per Tutti – Camper for everyone). Nirvana had exclusive distribution rights in the UK and in 2005 delivered the first of many camper vans to their disabledcustomer in the UK.

Vital feedback and listening to our valuable customers have taken Nirvana on a path of continual improvement. Along the way, we have been challenged by manufacturer takeovers, manufacturer liquidations, a huge recession, Brexit to name but a few.

However, persistence, determination and growing experience have resulted in a continuous product development cycle working with major European manufacturers such as Benimar in Spain (Eurable), Rimor in Italy (Blu-Free), Maesss in Belgium (Oasis) and most recently Across-Car in Spain striving each time to design and specify improvements on the preceding model of disabled leisure vehicle.

Now, over 15 years later, we a have designed and built our 6th generation disabled leisure vehicle – The Nirvana Freedom.

We believe that this standard model incorporates all the features and lessons learnt over those years to offer the best value, most complete and camper van for the disabled yet which we hope will continue to improve and change our customers lives whatever their situation or disability challenges bring.