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Welcome to Nirvana "A Place or State of Heavenly Bliss" Chambers 21st Century Dictionary

Nirvana has been established for over 18 years and offers full UK coverage, fulfilling the mobility needs of the disabled and less-abled. Our expertise is designing and supplying purpose built, wheelchair friendly, adapted motorhomes throughout the uk.

We offer for sale new and used wheelchair friendly motorhomes - these are often in short supply - so if you want to buy and experience the outdoor freedom of an adapted motorhome please get in touch so that a member of staff can go over all of your requirements for a wheelchair friendly motorhome.

Our Nirvana range of adapted and wheelchair friendly motorhomes are designed and built to accommodate from 2 to 6 people, allowing families to access and enjoy leisure time together, tour or visit venues or areas previously thought unavailable due to mobility issues.

Each individual application is appraised to improve personal mobility or leisure time. Please contact us using the links or telephone numbers shown to arrange an appointment where we can come to you.